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Nigeria is to be represented at the regional circuit of the ongoing Standard Chartered Bank’s Road to Anfield five-a-side competition by Super Seven FC.

Mrs Yetunde Oni, Head Commercial Clients, Standard Chartered Bank (3rd left), presenting the Trophy to Captain of Super Seven Football Club, Ojo Babatunde Damilola, the winner of the just concluded Standard Chartered Road to Anfield 2015 competition.
Mrs Yetunde Oni, Head Commercial Clients, Standard Chartered Bank (3rd left), presenting the Trophy to Captain of Super Seven Football Club, Ojo Babatunde Damilola, the winner of the just concluded Standard Chartered Road to Anfield 2015 competition.

Super Seven bagged the ticket to the regional final in Accra, Ghana after defeating Dobber FC 6-5 in a penalty shoot-out at the Astro Turf ground in Lekki, Lagos. Neither of the two sides could end the scoreless deadlock at regulation time.  Also to join Nigeria and host Ghana at the Accra soccer fiesta is The Ghana. The three are to battle for the West African ticket to Anfield in the UK where the winners of the East and Southern African regions will also play.
According to the Sub-Regional Head, Brands & Marketing, West Africa of Standard Chartered Bank, Diran Olojo, the ‘Standard Chartered Trophy’ is an international five-a-side football tournament organised by the bank in partnership with Liverpool FC.
“It  offers football fans a once in a life time, money can’t buy, opportunity of playing at an English Premier League football pitch as well as been coached by Liverpool FC’s Manager, Brenda Rodgers,” observed Olojo at the trophy presentation at the weekend.
Standard Chartered’s global footprints will compete for the ultimate trophy on May 7 and 8, 2015. The winners of the ‘Finals’ will be crowned overall champions of the ‘Standard Chartered Trophy 2015’.
Also speaking at the end of the national final last Sunday, Country Head, Corporate Affairs, Standard Chartered Bank, Nigeria, Dayo Aderugbo, expressed her happiness at the level of performance of the players and the huge turnout of football fans.
“I am so excited with the level of performance. We have a huge turnout. 36 teams registered and contested in the championship. So, regardless of  the club you support, it’s a chance to come together and win together and  go and play in Anfield, the home of Liverpool FC,” she noted with excitement.

Standard Chartered Bank to Launch “Employee Volunteering Month”

Committed to making a positive difference to communities


Lagos, Nigeria – 2015 – Standard Chartered Bank announces that September 21st to October 20th will be ‘Employee Volunteering Month’. With over 8,000 staff in Africa, the Bank encourages its staff to use their interests and skills to help out in the local communities in which it is based to make a real difference.

Many spend time working on causes the bank supports, such as eradicating preventable blindness, support for people living with HIV/AIDS or financial education. Other employees choose to volunteer for a cause close to their own heart, from planting trees, mentoring or training youth on health and hygiene.

Commenting on the launch, Bola Adesola, CEO Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria said: “We believe that volunteering is good for our communities, staff and our business. The Bank offers every employee three (3) days paid leave to volunteer and its great to see staff showing strong commitment and passion to serve the community in which we operate.  We look forward to the opportunity of using our skills in making a unique contribution to Nigeria this year”.

Last year, Standard Chartered staff donated over 9,700 employee volunteering days in Africa.



The Legal Team of AXA Mansard Insurance plc has emerged Best In-House Legal Team in the Insurance category at the ESQ Nigerian Legal Awards 2015, which held at the Muson Centre, Lagos.logo

The ESQ Nigerian Legal Awards honours outstanding legal professionals in Nigeria and in the diaspora. The Awards rewards contributions in key business transactions, practice areas, strategic growth, excellence and innovation in client service, advancement in technology and support to the growth of the legal profession at large.

Mrs. Omowunmi Adewusi, Company Secretary and Head of Legal thanked the organizers of the ESQ award and stated: “We are indeed elated to be recognized and presented this award. The AXA Mansard culture of integrity, professionalism, team spirit and the continuous desire for excellence are some of the factors that qualified the team for the award.”

The ESQ Nigerian Legal Awards is an annual event and is the brainchild of Lere Fashola, Chief Executive Officer, Legal Blitz Limited and publisher of the ESQ Legal Practice Magazine.


Rashidat Adebisi, the Chief Financial Officer of AXA Mansard won the CFO of the Year in the Insurance category at the 2015 Nigerian CFO Awards held on Friday, October 2, 2015 at Four Points by Sheraton,

The Nigerian CFO Awards organized by Instinct Business is in its maiden year in Nigeria. The award recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of financial executives for their financial leadership and overall contribution to their companies’ growth.

Rashidat Adebisi while receiving the award, dedicated it to the AXA Mansard group and also pointed out that the responsibility of a CFO goes beyond the accounting role and cuts across the various roles within the organization towards achieving the overall objective of the Company. She concluded by saying that AXA Mansard would continue to redefine standards both home and abroad.

Rashidat Adebisi joined AXA Mansard in February 2005 as an Executive Officer in the FINCON Group. She became the Head of the Transaction Service Unit in 2007 and returned to FINCON as Group Head in 2008. She is now AXA Mansard Group’s Chief Financial Officer and Divisional Director, FINCON and Corporate Services.


The global economy is slowly starting to recover and the Nigerian economy is amongst them. With more people now in work and people earning again the question has arisen – should one save or invest for the future?
Studies have shown that the Nigerian economy although recovering, still has an unstable Naira value. The current high inflation rate is not contributing to the recovery or the stability of the nation’s economy.

So the question remains, should one invest their money or save it?

Financial experts will tell you to build a good portfolio of investments rather than leaving money in a savings account. It is wise to remember that investment, with its high returns, has the potential of enhancing ones earning capacity than savings does. Industry experts support the notion of it being good for one to save, but it is also good for the person to learn to invest a good portion of the savings in a long-term plan, capable of yielding returns.

Savings Vs Investing – the risks
The fact is that saving money in a savings account is a low risk approach although the yield may be lower. With investments the overall yield can be a lot more but the risk involved is greater. At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference and circumstance. In an ideal scenario one would be able to put some money into savings whilst also making good intelligent investments.

Investment options available in Nigeria
•    Buy land or property
•    Buy shares and stocks
•    Bonds and debenture

Whether you are saving, investing or doing both, always remember to periodically check your choices to ensure that they are suitable for your current investment goals.


3 Reasons Why PR is Everthing

Pr is everything

Boards of directors, top-level executives and brand managers, take heed: If you don’t yet have a PR counselor in a position of power within your organization, you’re playing Russian roulette with your brand’s reputation.

PR can no longer be relegated to traditional media relations. It has
never been just that. Now more than ever before, organizations are realizing that successful consumer experience depends on deploying PR to create, manage and refresh their ever-present online brands.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. More than any other discipline, PR knows how to “content” effectively.

As Shift Communications’ Christopher Penn recently noted, “Content marketing is the darling … and continues to be the dominant form of marketing.” While few would argue this, it really means marketing has taken a giant leap toward defining itself as a subset of public relations. Let’s take a look at Joe Pulizzi’s own definition of “content marketing.”

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

The PR world should thank Joe, because in a few short years he has done what our profession has struggled for decades to do: Define a sizable chunk of what PR is about. Substitute the words “strategic marketing” with “public relations” in Joe’s definition and you’ve more accurately defined authentic content marketing.

Nobody does content better than a PR professional. PR has always been about testing the audience waters (researching, listening) before expertly crafting and packaging stories designed to inform, persuade and solicit reaction. It’s two-way. It’s conversational. It’s meeting audiences where they are. Most of all, it’s overdue recognition that no one likes to be “sold,” that consumers can see through thinly veiled sales pitches, and that real value is created when brands form genuine, authentic relationships with all the audiences vital to their success. That’s because, unlike marketing and advertising, PR has always been sensitive to the fact that true communication takes place only when parties have a genuine interest in each other.

So, when executed properly, content marketing puts the PR profession in its rightful place at the top of the brand management food chain.

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  1. PR knows best how to navigate the crowded, evolving world of online influence.

Traditional media relations in the “earned” space, the place where most organizations still conveniently pigeonhole public relations, is no longer enough to effectively manage your brand. Consumers are now responsible for the content they expose themselves to, both relevant and irrelevant, more than ever before in mankind’s history. It’s now been five years since Google’s Eric Schmidt observed, “Every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.” Jeff HYPERLINK “”Bullas points out there are now more than three billion active Internet users. Those are stunning facts about how easy it has become to generate content today.

But what about content quality?  Quality is defined by the eye of the ever-powerful consumer, one that now can pick and choose from a fragmented media world which information sources to follow and set as personal feeds, and in which conversations to participate. Again, enter the importance of the PR discipline.

Since the Internet doesn’t sleep, brands must now continually maintain updated, relevant information value through their owned platforms, and engage as equal, interested participants in shared ones.

With decades of experience under its belt in traditional media, the PR profession is best equipped to help brands navigate the evolving digital world of consumer influence. The channels are different, yet the rules of effective engagement are the same: seeking to understand other viewpoints, providing relevant observations on conversational topics, and building trust through authentic participation in those conversations, all to earn a reputation of genuine value. Our firm offers social media guidance to make this a reality.

Only through a PR approach, one that understands effective communication is a two-way street, can brands elevate their standing as a trusted source of information with the consumers’ best experience at heart.

  1. No other discipline simultaneously promotes and protects brands and reputations.

PR is an authentic, relationship-based discipline. It’s why my favorite definition of PR—doing the right thing, then making sure the right people know about it at the right time—makes sense. Warren Buffett’s famous quote about reputation, “20 years to build, 5 minutes to ruin,” should be updated from 5 minutes to 5 seconds in the age of Twitter and social platforms. With more than 500 million Tweets per day, not a nanosecond passes without a public comment on a subject, many of which influence brand perceptions.

Is your organization using PR effectively? The PR discipline is the organization’s conscience and compass to ensure it is doing the right things, and when it is not, making the immediate, transparent course corrections to protect the brand’s character for the long haul.

PR can no longer be pigeonholed as the traditional media relations department. It’s the discipline that knows best how to content, how to navigate a new media world, and how to protect the most precious asset any organization has – its reputation. Yes, when it comes to brand management, PR is everything.

Bryan Haviland is president at FrazierHeiby Public Relations.



AXA Mansard Insurance plc has emerged winner in the category for the Award for Promptness in Claims Settlement in the insurance industry at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) axa-mansard-400x3572015 Commerce and Industry Awards which held on Saturday, August 8, 2015 at the Muson Centre, Lagos.

The selection criteria were transparency and insurance best-practices, following the feedback that the professional body received from insurance industry monitoring and regulatory bodies.

Commenting on the award, Mr. Henry Akwara, Divisional Director of Claims & Risk Management said: “this is remarkable and can be attributed to the culture and values that define AXA Mansard. The AXA Mansard culture reflects in all that we do. We hold very dear our culture of excellence and we are driven by an unequalled passion to always exceed our customers’ expectations. These and many more are the reasons we are head and shoulders above competition.’’.

Furthermore, he said “Our claim settlement process has a unique turnaround time and is devoid of any form of delay, after the validity must have been ascertained by our claim processing team”.

He further admitted that the award and other similar recognition the company has been receiving are seen as testimonials to its outstanding performance and they further challenge the organization not to rest on its oars but to continue to strive for excellence.



  • Mansard Insurance Plc.  announced the upgrade of its brand to AXA Mansard Insurance Plc. The brand upgrade is coming with access to an improved portfolio of products and services for all its customers across all service segments i.e. Protection, Health, Pensions as well as Savings & Investments. The company also launched its newly redesigned and upgraded website –

“This brand upgrade further demonstrates AXA’s commitment to the largest African economy in particular and to Africa in general as this is consistent with our Ambition AXA. Leveraging on AXA’s global network of 59 countries on 5 continents, AXA Mansard now offers its customers services and products based on the global expertise of AXA complemented by Mansard’s significant and proven local competence. This combination is expected to provide cutting-edge solutions to our chosen market segments in Nigeria’s financial services industry”, said Denis Duverne, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of AXA Group.

1.  L-R : Dapo Akisanya, CEO, AXA Mansard Pensions Limited;  Victor Osibodu, Chairman, AXA Mansard; Tosin Runsewe, Executive Director, AXA Mansard; Tope Adeniyi, CEO, AXA Mansard Health Limited;  and Deji Tunde-Anjous - CEO, AXA Mansard Investments Limited, at the unveiling of the new AXA Mansard pylon and introduction of new products and the Pensions business in Lagos recently.
L-R : Dapo Akisanya, CEO, AXA Mansard Pensions Limited; Victor Osibodu, Chairman, AXA Mansard; Tosin Runsewe, Executive Director, AXA Mansard; Tope Adeniyi, CEO, AXA Mansard Health Limited; and Deji Tunde-Anjous – CEO, AXA Mansard Investments Limited, at the unveiling of the new AXA Mansard pylon and introduction of new products and the Pensions business in Lagos recently.

“Seven months ago in December 2014, we joined the AXA Group as a full member thereby bringing our customers into the world of AXA.  AXA is the No. 1 Insurance brand in the world and a global leader in Insurance and Asset Management. Mansard Insurance over the years with the kind patronage and partnership of our customers and other stakeholders, has grown rapidly, helping to shape Nigeria’s Financial Services Industry largely within the insurance sector.

 The synergy between these great entities, AXA and Mansard, will offer our company infinite access to global resources, capacity development and broader product offering, both commercial and personal lines. These factors will transcend into delivery of better service and improved products tailored to suit the needs of all our customers. AXA Mansard is thus positioned to offer the best in Property, Life & Health Protection, Pension Management as well as Savings and Investments”, said Tosin Runsewe, Chief Client Officer of AXA Mansard Insurance plc.

Standard Chartered Bank Opens New Branch in Lagos



Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria officially opened its new branch located in 279, Herbert Macaulay, Yaba, Lagos. The opening of the branch is as a result of the Bank’s strong business growth in Nigeria and its strategic expansion drive in the country. Lagos presents the Bank with tremendous opportunities in a country which is central to our business footprint in Africa. The strength of the Nigerian market has been reflected in our Bank’s business growth which has been exponential.

As part of efforts to identify with the branch community, the bank’s staff took part in the traffic control at Alagomeji junction by assisting the authorities with the control of vehicles at the junction. The community service, which span the whole day, further confirms the bank’s commitment towards delivering its brand promise “Here for Good”.

Bola Adesola, the Managing Director of Standard Chartered Bank, Nigeria said:
“We are quite pleased with the generous support we have received from the Government and people of Nigeria since we commenced business here in 1999. This has been quite encouraging and we fully intend to keep up our side of the bargain by consistently delivering on our brand promise to our customers. We believe this is an auspicious period to capitalize on the extraordinary growth dynamics in the country and the establishment of another branch in Lagos Mainland is a key element in executing the bank’s strategy to grow the business and outperform our competitors. We appreciate the continuous support we have been given by the people of Lagos and we look forward to the growth of our business across all indices in the state.”

New customers of the branch will enjoy the partnership of an International Bank that offers over 100 wealth management packages and other innovative financial solutions such as hassle free personal loans, mortgage loans at competitive rates, Priority Banking, Employee Banking, eSaver, debit and credit cards. The first 100 customers of the branch will also enjoy amazing offers like free movie tickets, instant gifts, free Naira Visa Debit Cards and free International transfer for one month.

NHIS Approves Mansard Health, 38 Others for HMO Business

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) has reaccredited 39 companies for Health Maintenance Organisation, HMO business in Nigeria. After due diligence and a painstaking audit process together with PwC, the regulatory agency re-accredited among the leading firms for HMO business as Hygeia, THT and Mansard Health.
The regulatory body gave guidelines to retain HMO business to include capitalisation of up to N400 Million for national, N200 million for state and N100 Million for Zonal operators respectively. Subsequently, the NHIS gave approval to 39 firms.
The NHIS defines HMOs as a private or public incorporated company registered by the Scheme solely to manage the provision of health care services through health care facilities accredited by the Scheme.
Welcoming the new development, Tope Adeniyi, chief executive officer of Mansard Health Limited noted that it gives the company further impetus to maintain and even improve on the excellent services they are already offering to the public.
He stated that Mansard Health has as its cardinal policy, to offer top of the range services to its clientele across board.
Adeniyi stated that Mansard Health ranks amongst the top HMOs both in capital as well as high quality service delivery in Nigeria, and adds that its recent capitalisation along with the Mansard Group’s capital base in excess of N15 Billion gives it more than enough strength to operate in the system. He stated that the company has recapitalised since May 2013 to give it a national HMO operations status.
He noted that Mansard Health product offerings are divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and International health plans. “All plans have comprehensive healthcare offerings for family, individual and corporate clients,” Adeniyi stated.
Adeniyi stated that the company has begun key innovative process leading to massive investment in information communications technology (ICT) infrastructure. This has led to deployment of a 24/7 Call Centre to boost its service offering to clients.
“IT solutions are key drivers in our new operations. Deploying IT infrastructure has cut down waiting time of our clients in the hospitals as well as enhanced the payment of claims to the providers from market experience of three months to just two weeks.
“We also offer pre-booking services online which makes it easier for our clientele to reach us. Our 24-hour Call Centre which can be accessed through clients’ mobile phones from anywhere, and at anytime,” Adeniyi said.
The Mansard Health operates through a network of hospitals spread across the 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory, (FCT) Abuja. It also underwrites International health plan which enables Mansard Health clients to have easy access for treatment abroad.
In addition, Mansard Health provides International Evacuation activation system which allows for critically ill clients to be flown overseas in air ambulance for treatment.

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