PR Communications


Media Relations

Manage the media constituency on behalf of our clients
Ensure cordial and consistent relationships between our clients and the media constituency
On behalf of our clients, enlist the confidence and trust of the media
Ensure positive media coverage (local & international) for all the activities of our clients via the print and electronic, i.e. news stories, press releases, photo-stories, interviews, features, opinions, analysis, etc.
Protect our clients from negative media attacks, sponsored or otherwise.
Financial Communications & Investor Relations
Facts Behind the figures and AGM Management
Public offer & Private Placement Management
SEC/NSE & Stockbroker Relations Management
Money & Capital Market Media Executives Relations Management, to business and title editors level
Perception Management and Public opinion shaping
Public and priority audiences education
Issues Management & Crisis Communications
Issues Management & Communications
Crisis Insulation, Management & Communication
Development of internal crisis management manual and selection of spokespersons
Analysts opinion articles arrangement and management
Perception management and public opinion shaping

Our Clients