Allow us to tell you a short story…

Allow us to tell you a short story….

Mr. and Mrs. John Lagbaja built a modest 4 bedroom duplex in Ilupeju, Lagos. It took them six years and a great deal of sacrifice following the graduation of their youngest child from the university. Years of saving and investment paid off as they were finally able to move into their own home. It was a dream come true as excited friends and well-wishers attended the formal “house-warming” party. Prayers were offered by their parish priest and the small crowd assented to his prayers with cries of “Amen!”
Their first child who lived in the US sent them some money to furnish the new house as only new furniture and fittings would do. Mr. Lagbaja had prudently used the money to furnish and equip their new home with electronics, furniture, fittings, some security gadgets etc. only relinquishing control to his wife when it came to furnishing the kitchen! The Lagbajas were now landlords in Lagos.

7 months later on a warm February night, Mr. John Lagbaja who was the lighter sleeper woke up to sounds of faint shouting. He looked at his watch and it was 3am in the morning. What was going on? His phone started to ring. He grabbed it and it was then he detected the smell of smoke. The call was from a neighbour: “Sir! Fire! Fire! Your house is on fire!!” He quickly woke his wife and ran out of the house.

By 5am the fire had been put out through a combined effort of volunteers and the fire-fighting service but the damage caused by the fire was considerable. Two rooms with their toilet and bathrooms were burnt from floor to roof. The ceiling and roof of their bedroom was also affected. Black smoke had darkened the walls and the heat had melted the wiring and other parts. Water from the hoses had left every other thing soaking wet.

The Lagbajas wept and tried to console each other. How would they recover from this?
(Alternate ending)

As Mrs. Lagbaja wept her husband tried to console her, assuring her that everything would be fine. A few days later the Lagbajas received a cheque from AXA Mansard. His prudence had paid off.
The AXA Mansard Home Insurance plan protects you and your home against the risk of fire, flood, burglary etc. It does not matter whether you own a house, live in a rented apartment or you are sharing with friends or family, we offer you and your property and belongings protection from total loss.

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Let’s protect you.
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